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Nice handy reference.

I like this app. It is a handy general frequency reference with a clean design.

Highly Recommended!

A really useful tool for mixing, for Musicians, Homerecorders... Looping forward to new Tutorials... Would even pay for additional goodstuff.


A great tool. Looking forward to more tutorials. Keep going guys and thanks for your great app.

Love this app

This is a great app that I use during the mixing process all the time. Its a great reference for fundamental freqs and has some great mixing tips. This app wont make you any better at mixing, but it is be a useful guide!

Very Cool!

I love the idea of this app! The videos are really interesting, and the diagrams of the special frequencies in different instruments is extremely useful! I cant wait to see where this app goes. The one thing Id like to ask is for more synth patches in the instrument section. For instance maybe a section on how to EQ a Hoover, but I love it as is!


Been mixing forever but there are times ya just get stuck with a problem. I think this may help out on those late nights. Very easy and clear app to use!

great app

great app , easy too use

Great app!

Except how do you unlock the other tutorials? In mixing theory I only have "EQ101" and I finished watching it. but then there was nothing else to watch??? How do you unlock them?

Lookin good

Something Ive been needing and looking for. Just started implementing the hints and see results in better sounding mixes. Hope more vids and hints are forthcoming .

Great app!

Cant begin to say how useful this app is. Worth much more than it costs and has a wealth of information that keeps growing. For reference material its wonderful and seems like it would be great for beginners to learn about mixing. Can only imagine how useful it will become after a few more updates. Amazing little app!

Mix Buddy

Great App. weres the trombones?

Love this app

Havent used it as much as I should but its as handy as having a metronome laying around

Very informative

Great videos and instrument mixing information, this guy is very knowledgeable. I just wish there were more instruments in the list! Otherwise, awesome app!

Great, but needs more

This is a great pocket reference, especially for those starting out. The info is good, and the presentation is solid. I just wish that more video tutorials would be made available, and at a quicker rate. This could easily become one of those indispensable tools for every engineer, but as for now, its infancy is keeping it held back. Its very slow to update, but the app, as is, is great. 4 stars, update for 5.


I never write app reviews but this app is absolutely phenomenal. For the price you get an unreal amount of information and tools at your disposal. This is going to help me tremendously in the upcoming year.

Great app

This little app has great knowledge although mixing is not universal this is a great starting point


Hey guys, i am adding more to this review but could you put in a audio features on the pitch section and when are you putting up more tutorials. This app is totally awesome. Everything about it is great. The tutorials, the information on how & where to EQ a particular instruments, plus as a bonus you get to add your own as well. I would love to see some more new features such as how to eq a whole mix in general, more eqing on more instruments, and more vids as well. Great app guys keep up the good work.

Great App

Very helpful and a great studio reference tool!

Handy app

Really useful info and a handy tool to have when producing, would love to see the eq guides expanded to other sound areas more akin to electronic synthesis

Wonderful app

Video tutorials are very thorough and helpful. Hope it will update faster

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